Network: Mainnet V1
Network: Mainnet V1

About Us !

Our Mission !

To create an economically sustainable Cardano Dapp that encourages active user participation on the Cardano blockchain.


Our Goal !

The Cardano Racers Dapp utilizes Plutus V2 smart contracts and a cardano native token as a means for facilitating, new wallet creation, active daily users, and increased transaction volume on the Cardano blockchain.


About Cardano Racers !

Cardano Racers was founded by Matthew and Noah on the Cardano blockchain. The founders have been involved with crypto currencies since early 2021.

They have a passion for the technology and future potential of the Cardano blockchain.


Designed to Help !

Cardano Racers was created as a project intended to incentivize ADA holders to make transactions with their ADA and participate in the ecosystem, rather than just to simply hold and stake their ADA.

Cardano Racers was designed to help increase the number of transactions, wallets, native tokens, and smart contracts created on the Cardano blockchain.


Cardano Racers Asking !

Cardano Whale made an inspiring tweet asking, "what are you doing to improve Cardano?" Matthew and Noah took this as a call to action and decided to no longer wait for others to build, and decided to start a project of their own.

Collaborating with MLabs Ltd. and Chaincode Ltd., Cardano Racers was born.


NFT Policy ID !

At Cardano Racer's, we're dedicated to transparency and security in our community. As we eagerly await the mainnet launch, we're finalizing our NFT policy to ensure a seamless and fair experience for our users. Rest assured, details will be shared upon launch. Join us in this exciting journey as we innovate and create a space where creativity and authenticity thrive!


NITRO token Policy ID !

Our Token Policy ID, a key element of our commitment to your security, will be revealed upon the mainnet launch. We're dedicated to providing you with a secure and seamless experience, and we look forward to sharing more details as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Cardano Racers Token Cycle !
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Cardano Racers Roadmap !
  • Q3 2022
    Phase 1 - Q3 2022

    Algorithmic Framework: Developed a unique algorithm for randomizing car and driver attributes and calculating lap times. Artwork and Design: Began creation of immersive, racing-themed UI designs.

  • Q4 2022
    Phase 1 - Q4 2022

    Blockchain Integration Initiation: Started integrating blockchain, focusing on decentralized gaming.

    Strategic Planning with Smart Contract Team: Partnered with a leading smart contract team for game operation planning.

  • Q1 2023
    Phase 1 - Q1 2023

    Front-End Team Onboarding: Assembled a specialized team for website development.

    Technology Stack Selection: Chose React, PostgreSQL, and Express for robust, scalable web architecture.

  • Q2 2023
    Phase 1 - Q2 2023

    Version 1 Website Development: Successfully launched V1 of the website, featuring intuitive design and seamless functionality.

  • Q3 2023
    Phase 1 - Q3 2023

    Smart Contract Completion: Finalized the development of smart contracts for the platform.

  • Q4 2023
    Phase 1 - Q4 2023

    DApp Integration on Testnet: Successfully integrated smart contract functions into our decentralized application (DApp) using a testnet environment for thorough testing and optimization.

    Began Rigorous testing of Cardano Racers V1 for Cardano Testnet Network

  • Q1 2024
    Phase 1 - Q1 2024

    Cardano Racer V1 mainnet release

  • Q3 2024
    Phase 2 - Q3 2024

    Stateful NFT Introduction: Launched advanced stateful NFTs, revolutionizing the conventional NFT framework.

    Dynamic Functionality: Enhanced Layer 1 NFTs with dynamic features, allowing them to evolve based on player actions and game logic.

    Player-Interactive NFTs: Created a unique interactive experience where NFTs reflect individual gaming journeys, adding a layer of personalization and engagement.

  • Q2 2025
    Phase 3 - Q2 2025

    Layer 2 Scaling with Hydra: Implemented Hydra for Layer 2 scaling, significantly elevating platform efficiency.

    Throughput Maximization: Achieved unparalleled transaction throughput, accommodating a high volume of user interactions seamlessly.

    Cost and Speed Optimization: Drastically reduced transaction costs and minimized processing times, enhancing user experience and platform accessibility.



NITRO is a Cardano native asset. It is the Cardano Racers utility token used for race entry fees.
1 NITRO = 1.50 ADA